Renovation update 06/06/2007

Scope creep hits every project… 🙂

We were so pleased with the new toilet (Gerber EF-21-312) in the master bathroom that, on impulse I decided to replace ALL of our toilets with the same model. Apparently slabs are known for their less-than-enthusiastic sewer drainage. These new ones I swear push whatever’s in them all the way to the waste water treatment plant in one go!

Also, the 1/2 bathroom next to the garage has a small window and no ventilation fan so we decided to update that too. We don’t really need one for the usual reason of removing moisture but rather to aid in guest’s vanity to try to remove any evidence of what was going on in there. Hopefully this will end that odd practice of lighting matches and other bizarre behavior folks do to hide being human… Mich pointed out (after I had ordered a new Panasonic (FV-08VF2) WhisperFitfan from Ira Wood & Sons) that we probably wanted a noisier fan just to mask any noises coming from that room 🙂
Anyway here is how the updated 1/2 bath looks


With the fan.


This morning we also worked with Tommy to figure out where the mirror and the new lighting for the guest bathroom should go


The electrician came back today and wired up both the fan in the 1/2 bath and replaced our old 3 gang with a 4 gang switch in the guest bath


The can lights were installed


and the pancake box for the lighting fixture was installed.


Mich still needs to find the right medicine cabinet – she had found it at Lowes earlier but had decided to get a smaller one and now they are sold out of the one she wants. Tommy has one at home that he thought she might like so we’ll check that out tomorrow.

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