How to calibrate the temperature on your iAqualink Unit


This was not obvious to me at all so I thought I would share it.

If you are finding your iAqualink unit is showing a temperature that is within 4 degrees higher or lower than your pool water actually is, you can go to Menu > System Setup > Temp Calibrate and get to a screen that looks like this one below.

Temperature Calibration Screen for iAqualink


I do not have a Spa so only the Pool is showing a valid temperature. The issue here is there is no obvious way to actually adjust the temperature and APPLY the change.

What you want to do is, with the pump running so the temperature is registering:

  • Click on the “Pool” button
  • Adjust the temperature using the arrow keys
  • Click the “Back” button until you reach the home screen again.

In about 15-20 seconds you should see the “Pool Temp” reading on the home screen adjust to the newly calibrated temperature.

This is completely counterintuitive since, to me, the “Back” button is equivalent to a “Cancel” key. “Take me out of here without changing anything”. It took over two months of going back and forth with Zodiac before I finally got a helpful person on their customer service line who could say something other than “You need to contact an authorized service company before we can do anything”.

11 thoughts on “How to calibrate the temperature on your iAqualink Unit”

  1. Oh for Petes Sake!!! That is ridiculous! I went insane trying to calibrate the temp online and finally gave up. Ran across your wonderful instructions when trying a year later. How hard would it be to add an APPLY or ENTER button?!

    Thank you so much Marc for taking the time to write this for the avg person that couldn’t possibly figure this out!

  2. Same as Sharon….struggled with this, was just about to buy a new sensor when I came across this posting. Thanks Marc!

  3. This was most helpful Marc. Do you by chance know if there is a way to also adjust the “air temp” reading. That is the one that reads 107 when it’s actually no more than 92 degrees outside. I think it reads the temp in the sun rather than the actual air temp.

  4. @John – I have a separate sensor hanging off my Jandy unit for air temperature. My unit is located in a shaded, protected area and the sensor just hangs freely. For me the temperature tracks well only showing a bit hot in the middle of the day when there is no breeze to circulate the air in that area. So there *is* hope.

    If you don’t see the sensor (it kind of looks like the top of an otoscope (that thing doctors use to peek into your ears), then I’ll bet it is tucked inside the Jandy enclosure and that the sun is beating down on the enclosure. Maybe pull it out and have it under the unit if it’s reading so high?

  5. @Jim – Just realized I didn’t actually answer your question… I don’t know any way to adjust the air temperature calibration. If you’re certain the sensor is in a reasonable location I’d contact zodiac and have them do it. You may even get someone helpful and they’ll just do it without insisting on you getting a person to come over.

  6. Very helpful, thanks Marc!

    Had a “professional” out from Leslie’s and told him my temperatures were off. He insisted that my heater control panel was broken and I needed a new one. To the tune of $500 of course. I told him “no thanks”, did 30 seconds of googling and came across your post.

    1. My air temp is way off an in shaded open location away from any heat source. It always reads like 10F hotter. Really confused why there is a water calibration but no air temp. This makes no sense.

      My water temp measures about 1 to 2F cooler even after adjusting to max. Curious why its limited to only +/- 4 degree adjust.

      1. Hi Michael,

        From the sound of it yours may be one of the few cases where it would make sense to actually have somebody come out. That is if you can’t live with always applying the offset manually.

        I suspect the plus or minus 4° limitation is probably reasonable variation for a thermometer and anything beyond that is likely to be a defect of some sort. But I am just guessing here.

  7. Yes I’m a service technician and we are a warranty center for Jandy. There is no adjustment for the air temp sensor. I have a customer that the reading is off by almost 10° as well The side of her house where the automation box is located is in the direct sunlight most of the day heat radiating off of her bricks was causing her issue. So yes tuck it away under the box somewhere shady and cooler. Go out there during the heat of the day and touch the area near the sensor and then find the cool spot under the automation box. If this doesn’t cure the issue you may have a bad sensor or a bad board inside the unit Hope this helps

  8. Thanks! Mine has been a journey like yours with Jandy. Love the equipment but hate that all is routed thru service guys. My service guy is no help at all. This was incredibly helpful! Appreciate it!

  9. Just tried recalibrating my pool temperature, after our teenage daughter convinced me to put a thermometer in the pool to confirm that the water was “cold” and NOT the wonderful 87F her dad was adamant it was…only to discover there’s no “save” opportunity. Would never have figured out how to do it without quickly finding this! (Why the folks @ Jandy haven’t “fixed” this omission, given that they’re aware of it, is beyond me.) Thanks : )

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