About Marc

Hi, welcome to my website. Take a peek and let me know what you think. As much as possible, I encourage you to comment on anything you see in this blog. I would very much like to know your experiences with anything that I’m blogging about. Or if you like, drop me a line at … Continue reading About Marc

Marc’s Birthday pictures posted

It took a while, I’m struggling with how to process and organize my pictures. I’m still not actually processing them very much yet (just removing redeye and some obvious picture flaws) as I try to get the hang of the software suite that I’ve put together. Anyway, Mich decided to have a half-party, half-surprise party … Continue reading Marc’s Birthday pictures posted

Georgetown Homecoming has spurred my curiosity

Back at the end of July of this year I attended the Georgetown Homecoming event. It was a novel idea where, not just a particular class or year from the high school would get together, but rather the ENTIRE TOWN – anybody who had ever lived there – were invited back to partake in various … Continue reading Georgetown Homecoming has spurred my curiosity