Beware iTunes update!

**Update 4:00 pm**  Shut down my soundbridge and doppler and then restarted iTunes. Then I attached my iPod and *presto* my audio files reappeared. Of course the “Sync movies” option was unchecked as usual so I checked it, hit the “Apply” button and now I’m synching my 17+ Gbytes of video content… again.

**End Update**

**Update 8:30 am** When I got to my car I realized that, even though iTunes was showing all of my songs/podcasts as loaded on my iPod. Nothing was accessible to be played. Of course I always keep a backup audiobook in the car for such “emergencies” 🙂 but it is annoying nonetheless. This is telling me that I need to disable Apple’s auto updater so that I can run it only when I have time to fix any mess that it may create.

**end update**

My iTunes updated itself overnight. For some reason, every once in a while (I’m pretty sure it’s after an update) iTunes stops synching my video content. It’s *really* annoying since it dumps it all and then I have to re-select the video content in iTunes and it needs to copy all of the files back over again.

This morning iTunes is at and I see that the video tab is simply gone. After synching I get the dreaded “Some of your content was not synced because your software is too old” garbage message and all video content is gone. I don’t even have the option to correct this and now I’ve got to get to work. 🙁

If you use the apple auto updater, beware!

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