Renovation update 06/04/2007

Arrrgh! I can’t *believe* that I forgot to take a “before” picture of the guest bathroom before we started work on it today!!!

We are not going to be nearly so bold with this aspect of our renovations as with the other bathroom. But we are removing the false ceiling, replacing the flourescent lights with can lights, updating to a better bathroom fan and replacing the counter, sink, faucets and medicine chest.

Add a little new wallpaper and paint and the project is nearly done 🙂

Here is the project just after Larry pulled out the ceiling and medicine cabinet


Larry is sporting his camera-inspired “The Shining” look… 🙂

You can see the framework for the fan and light support over the counter here.

By the end of the day, much of the wallpaper was gone


Here’s a nice view into the attic (above where the mirror used to be)


A slightly more oblique view


And here is the ceiling over the back of the bathtub (soon to receive a can light)


and finally a view back toward the door (before it gets painted)


Also, Sue from Atlanta Kitchen called and asked if we wouldn’t mind taking some pictures of our new master bathroom counter for them to keep in an album so I obliged and sent Hi res versions of the four shots below.

This one shows off the newly installed medicine cabinet cover that Tommy put in today. It needs a bit more work to protect the back of the mirror but it looks very attractive already.


Pretty much all that’s left to do in the master vanity area is those medicine cabinets and to putty and stain a few nail holes in the mirror frame. Of course there are ALWAYS some other little touch-ups that need to be done but the end of the road is near.

It turns out that the mirror company ended up charging nearly 3 times what they quoted for the mirrors. Tommy will be contacting them to get that sorted out. I’ll need to get their name anyway just for my own records. I’ll let you know how that works out.

Here are the remaining pictures of the counter






In my update from May 18th I mentioned that one of the Acrylic handles for the shower doors had arrived slightly mal-formed. I’m pleased to report that they (the company Maax) had a new pair of handles out to us within a week and the doors look great. Interestingly they sent us two handles which is good since one of them was slightly scratched. The other one was pristine.

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