Renovation update 05/18/2007

Today the bedroom wall and the window trim were painted.


Also, Tommy added the power bar to our new cabinet so that we can keep our laptop and various recharging things in the bedroom and out of sight.


The shower doors were installed. These we picked up from Home Depot Expo (Keystone by Maax, Frameless Tub doors). The glass doors weigh in at a hefty 80 to 100 pounds each. They look very nice and were much less expensive than some of the custom items we looked at and every bit as attractive.

One ‘nit was that one of the acrylic handles was wrapped a little differently than the other. It turned out to not only have a slight scratch in it (which was magnified when you looked at it through the handle) but it also was not formed properly. The two bends in the handle were NOT at 90 degrees so the handle simply did not fit on the door. I suspect somebody had already returned that handle and it somehow ended up in our box.

We’ll see about swapping it at Home Depot Expo next week.


And the view toward the front of the bath


And here is our finished ceiling. The bulb over the bathtub is on a dimmer for setting a relaxing mood in the soaker tub. In the middle is a 250 watt heat lamp on a timer. Next is a normal can light which will house a compact flourescent bulb. Behind that is the Panasonic FV-05VF2 WhisperFit 50 CFM Low Profile Ceiling Mounted Fan. This we selected based on the recommendation of Consumer Reports. It’s much quieter than our former fan and has much more suction too. As an added bonus this one vents outside through the roof instead of into the attic like our old fan did.


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