USB Gun Turret Demo

This reminds me of that hysterically odd idea that was once proffered where folks could hunt big game by remote control. I forget whether it was actually an African Safari type of thing or whether it was just “shoot at yer local wildlife” but the notion of hunting from your computer desk was certainly a novel and sorry one.

Going a step further, I suppose you could now hunt deer or whatever using your mobile phone while commuting to work. “Gee officer, I didn’t see that car in front of me, I was lining up on a 10 pointer…”

This little invention does bring up a good point. There are a lot of security systems that will let you know something is wrong at home but then the best you can do is log in and watch the place burn down or be robbed.

Imagine coupling this with a hose.

Of course I don’t have any issues with using it as the inventor has designed it. Shooing off some bored teenagers who have broken into your house would be awfully satisfying. Even better if you could shoot them with a paintball gun loaded with some kind of indelible ink so that the perpetrators could be marked in the same way as banks mark robbers with those exploding dye packs.

Whatever your opinion of this, you have to agree it’s pretty sophisticated.

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