A Chaos of Cats

Just wanted to codify this as the proper way to refer to more than 2 cats. 🙂

A Murder of Crows, a Flock of Geese, if you’ve ever seen more than 2 cats in a group, I think you’ll agree that they are not what you’d call organized in any agreeable fashion.

As an homage to “Get Smart“, maybe I should change this to “A Kaos of Cats”?

Dating Fails: I WANNA GO HOME

Even after 25 years of marriage, shopping is one of the most mind numbing activities that I can do with my wife.

Fortunately she usually takes mercy on me and shops with her friends instead. But every now and then we end up in a mall. I would be the guy on the right. Hoping that I’ve got enough charge on my phone to make it through the ordeal.

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