HULU Ad complaint 20140117

I sent this to HULU this morning:

I like Hulu’s offerings. But the ads have become an overwhelming issue for me.

It’s bad enough that I cannot get rid of them entirely even though I am willing to pay a premium to do so.
But can you PLEASE do something about the repetitiveness of the ads? Last night there were 6 ad slots in the show I was watching and you aired the same series of ads in every slot.
I can be persuaded to watch an entertaining or novel ad but once I’ve seen an ad I usually never need to see it again. Having the same ad foisted on me every 8-10 minutes is not only annoying it’s downright insulting. I am astonished that anybody deems this effective.
There are plenty of viewing alternatives out there and, while HULU does a very good job at managing and delivering content, for me it is worth pursuing the other more cumbersome options to avoid this ongoing vexing issue.
I do ask that you rethink your model – there must be an ad free alternative – even at a premium. It is literally a weight off of my shoulders when I watch programming on Netflix and don’t have those constant interruptions.
Thanks for your consideration,


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