Judas Unchained

Judas Unchained Judas Unchained by Peter F. Hamilton

The conclusion of Mr. Hamilton’s most recent duology. I deliberately took a long time to read this book as I do so enjoy the universe that he crafts. I was less impressed by this anthology than by his previous offerings. There were many characters (Ozzie and Paula for instance) that I felt were never adequately explored. However in a universe as rich with characters as this, I suppose everybody has their favorites and wants to see them on center stage more than the others.

(***Spoiler Alert***) Don’t read further if you have not yet read this book and do not want any details given away!!

I also felt that the end portion of the book was not fully satisfying. Perhaps it was the intent, but I felt that the ultimate antagonist in this story was never properly realized. Also, the final conflict was somewhat contrived and unsatisfying.

Don’t get me wrong, I fully enjoyed the entire lead up and I do not read these stories solely for the ending. But usually the ending can be counted upon to be as satisfying as the experience of getting there. So I would still recommend the books based on that alone.

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