2012 Home Renovations – Part 29 – Driveway Demolition, New Door, Window Gone

Today was a day of much progress. We had a contractor and sub meeting and made more decisions – each of which I’m sure will cost me a wee bit more…

We had ordered some sconces with the intent of mounting them on our two interior supporting columns facing the pool.  We had also intended to mount three lighting fixtures – supplied by the company that supplies the materials for the lanai enclosure – above the deck on the far side of the pool.

Handy Tip 1: You cannot mount lights within 5 feet of a pool (under 12 feet above the pool). Our columns are 4 feet away and the height was going to be about 6 feet off the ground. Fortunately we were able to cancel the order for those sconces before they shipped.

Handy Tip 2: You’re not going to get very far with the inspectors if your lighting fixtures are not grounded and especially if they do not have a UL seal on them. Surprisingly the fixtures from the enclosure supply place suffered from exactly those two deficits.

Handy Tip 3: Between 5 feet and 10 feet from the pool, lighting fixtures cannot be less than 7.5 feet above the pool.

So we obviously had some drivers that moved us from our intended roof mounted lighting to wall mounted (right at 7.5 feet) that will extend out from the wall far enough to throw a cone of light on the new rock wall as well as to provide accent lighting for the deck. Now we just have to find light fixtures that will mate properly with the electrical boxes that will be installed over the next week or so so as to have a weatherproof and water tight seal.

We had the window from our tiny half bathroom removed


We replaced the laundry room door with one that has a blind build into the window


And the old solid laundry room door has been repurposed as the door to our garage replacing the hollow core door that served that function before.

Demolition began on the driveway and front walkway


It took quite a while since there were *two* driveways to remove. We’re still trying to figure it out but it looks like the original driveway was poured and, very soon after another driveway was poured over top of that one.

This picture below shows this for the walkway – the top layer is broken off and the bottom layer is waiting underneath

Anyway, much progress was made

The view from the garage

and the view from the front porch

and from the street

The pile o’ dirt grows smaller still, it seems we will have much less dirt than I expected to use in leveling the lawn after the driveway has been suitably built up.

Below you can see that the Lexan roof has been mostly installed,

As for the pool, holes have been cut for two lights in the primary filter (those black circles in the center of the picture)

And the electrical sub panel has been installed and the wiring is beginning

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