Captain Disillusion

A little campy but his mission is good. “Captain Disillusion” looks at YouTube videos, especially those spreading paranormal bunk, and breaks them down so you can pretty clearly see far more likely explanations for the phenomena than “ghosts”, “ghoulies” or other such nonsense.

He is well spoken and, even if he is targeting primarily a younger audience, there are MANY adults that I know who could stand to benefit greatly by reviewing these videos.

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Here is one that I particularly enjoy:

4 thoughts on “Captain Disillusion”

  1. This is great. If it didn’t say CNN in the corner of the video, I would have sworn this came from the Onion. My favorite part is when they show the camera and you can see “the bug” on the lens. Either the reporter chose to ignore this as it would completely destroy the story’s newsworthiness (which it’s not anyway). Or, she is utterly ignorant of the fact that when you put something up close to a camera lens you can actually see it as a blurry image through the camera. Either way, CNN must not hold her in high regard if they are sending her out to do stories about a bug that landed on the lens of a gas station surveillance camera. I guess this news clip is going into her portfolio so she can share it with the producers when she applies for that job as anchor of the TV guide channel.

    Perhaps I’m wrong in all this. Maybe she knows this is all BS and we’re the ones being put on… Those clever reporters!!

  2. I made the mistake of showing Michelle this video first and she was left wondering why this was such a big deal. But, going back to the YouTube page for this video I found the original and showed her how the reported deliberately kept the whole “ghost” shrouded in mystery.

    I suppose that’s what we get for catering to the lowest common denominator in our media.

  3. I see in the original, they don’t have “the bug” crawling on the camera. But after hours of careful thought mmmm… aaahhhhh… ummmmmm… It’s A BUG!!

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