Lenovo X41 Tablet doing *much* better now

In my quest to improve my tablet’s performance I ended up reformatting it and installing Windows XP professional instead of Windows XP Tablet Edition (twice).

So I was going to try to create my own boot disk the kicker is there is a very small file on the CD which dictates whether the install will be a corporate or an OEM one. In order to do that I was going to need a LOT of files from my original install and the best way to get those was to… you guessed it, restore my entire system to its original config.

Well I did this – takes about 3-5 hours – good thing I had a couple of other computers to keep me occupied while it did its hundred and one reboots. Then I used the Thinkvantage updates app to absolutely and completely bring everything as up to date as possible.

Guess what? The system hums now. Still not quite as peppy as my T42, but it *is* a slightly slower processor and I have to admit that the Pen support really must come at a price. But overall there has been a significant improvement in performance. I’m now a LOT happier with the machine and am consequently using it much more often than before.

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