x41 Tablet delivery update

It’s almost here. The computer and its accessories are coming in two different shipments, one from Shanghai China, the other from Hong Kong.

It’s funny that, when I first saw the package progress, my mind kept translating the “CN” that is “China” to “Cincinnati”. The times were even all wrong – in the future by over half a day. That really should have been a hint.

I think I cerebrally have always understood that a lot of my consumer goods come from China, but that fact is usually masked by a vast net of retail distribution outlets. Somehow, tracking my packages directly from the Orient in this way makes them seem exotic.
I suppose “exotic” means “comes from far away” in my mind 🙂

I almost picked up the movie “Big Trouble in Little China” in honor of the Shanghai source of half of the shipment…

I’m not quite sure when the packages will arrive, the only delivery date I see is a “Resched Delivery” one that yesterday gave yesterday’s date and today, well.. says today’s date. Given the track record of things coming from Kentucky (where both packages resided as of about 3 am today) I’m betting that I’ll actually receive them on Monday. I’m not sure that UPS actually makes deliveries here in “the bible belt” on Sundays.

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