Getting DirecTV Tivo to update over Vonage

It turns out that the lightning strike I encountered back in August toasted my DirectTV unit. Not totally, mind you, but enough that it was acting really wonky. Couldn’t get some channels any longer, sometimes it would reboot for no reason and the 30 second skip simply takes you to either the end or the … Continue reading Getting DirecTV Tivo to update over Vonage

Genuine Windows Validation

I came across what seems like a really interesting screensaver alternative from Microsoft – The Microsoft Video Screensaver. Unfortunately it’s part of their Genuine Microsoft Software program. Which means your computer must be validated in order to install, and presumably to use the software. “No problem”, thought I “I’ve got a legitimate copy of Windows … Continue reading Genuine Windows Validation

Budget Rent-a-Car slime move

*Updated July 29, 2008* I should probably change this item to “Elite Excursions and the Banks team up to relieve you of your money..”. Anyway, Clark Howard – a local consumer advocate – just posted an item that I thought relevant to this whole fiasco: The Berkeley Center for Law and Technology analyzed corporate America … Continue reading Budget Rent-a-Car slime move

All-glass Undersea Restaurant

Just found this article about an all-glass undersea restaurant on, this looks like it would be a great once-in-a-lifetime thing to try out. I can’t imagine what a meal must run but, if you’re vacationing in the Maldives, I suspect cost is not your primary concern. This prompted me to recall our silver-service dinner … Continue reading All-glass Undersea Restaurant

Poll – Guys (and Gals) office shirts

Continuing the examination of “Affluenza” in North America, a comment in the last poll from Rose-Marie about ladies’ shoes got me thinking about mens’ shirts. I’m curious how many shirts the guys out there have. To narrow it down I’m only talking about shirts that you would wear to work in a business-casual office environment. … Continue reading Poll – Guys (and Gals) office shirts