Chick-Fil-A Rewards Best Redemption Value

*Updated April 25, 2021 to reflect current prices and points for my local Chick-Fil-A*

I *really* like Chick-Fil-A. They just seem to know how to do things right.

When their app came out I jumped on it and was very pleased that, not only was it intuitive, but also the restaurants knew what to do with the mobile order when you arrived. Something that most of the other fast-food restaurants would stumble on in the early days of using their apps (I’m looking at you McDonalds).

When the app was first introduced they offered scads of free entrees, milkshakes, etc. Plus they had plenty of “Just Because” rewards. As the app matured they must have realized how haphazard the rewards system was because they switched over to a system where you accrue points based off the number of dollars spent. They still have some “Just Because” rewards but nothing like in the first year or so.

When I looked at what I could get for my accumulated reward points I was struck with how many points my favorite salad (“Spicy Southwest Salad”, it’s awesome) required vs many of their other offerings. I figured there must be some rewards that are better than others so I whipped up a quick spreadsheet and give you the values here.

I only worked this out for my favorite items. You’ll need to get the price/points for anything else you want to check.

I am pretty sure the items with a question mark allow you to choose the LARGE size but I haven’t tested it. So far I have only redeemed my points for foodstuffs, not drinks.

Here are the best values per point for many of my favorite Chick-Fil-A items sorted from best to worst value. Prices as of April 24, 2021 at my local restaurant.

Summary: So the point values have dropped somewhat in the past couple of years. Now your best value is a Large Coke. The MEDIUM Waffle Fries and the Cookie are tied for the next best values.

Worst value is redeeming points to get the Spicy Southwest Salad (sigh) with each point being worth around two-thirds that of those for the fries.

The below chart reflects the historic point/price values of my local Chick-Fil-A as of February, 2019.

ItemPoints Cost Val/Point
Medium Waffle Fries200 $ 1.85  $ 0.00925
Cookie150 $ 1.19  $ 0.00793
Coke (lg?)250 $ 1.89  $ 0.00756
8 nuggets500 $ 3.49  $ 0.00698
Sandwich500 $ 3.39  $ 0.00678
Lemonade (lg?)350 $ 2.25  $ 0.00643
Chicken Club Sandwich950 $ 5.89  $ 0.00620
Deluxe Sandwich650 $ 3.99  $ 0.00614
Spicy Southwest Salad1500 $ 7.39  $ 0.00493
This chart is obsolete now, I’m just keeping it around for reference.

5 thoughts on “Chick-Fil-A Rewards Best Redemption Value”

  1. Glad I found this. Confirms what I thought, prices went up. It’s now 300 points for the waffle fries, which was my go to redemption because it was the most valuable.

    1. Thanks for commenting Fred. I hadn’t noticed the change.
      So I went back and reworked the point values based on current prices and points charged.

  2. My kinda maths 😉 thank you for putting it together, since I didn’t get to it. Really appreciate the update too. Instincts said it’s changed.

    I usually use points for a cookie
    afternoon treat, or an occasional sandwich/fries to offset the family meal.

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