Anybody know who this woman is?

Windows Mobile 7 has a great ad out there (really?)

The highlight of it appears to be this bit here:

But for my money the wife here is easily the reason to keep watching and re-watching the ad 🙂

Does anybody know who she is?

5 thoughts on “Anybody know who this woman is?”

  1. 1. I have never tried it, but you MIGHT be able to scrape her image from the vidio and submit it to “tin eye”

    2. Do you get the one down there where they throw (ok, drop) the phone into a urinal?

  2. Hey King,

    I’ll give “Tin Eye” a try.

    Those clips actually come from that ad where the guy dropped his phone in the urinal. It’s a pretty funny / accurate commercial. I can’t tell you how many blackberries I have activated because somebody has done that.


  3. Back in the early days of satelite TV, when some channels first started to scramble their signals (using a VC2 box), there was this ‘pirate’ show that had a comercial that showed a big guy from the back ‘adjusting himself’, who then stepped away and pulling the flush handle, and it showed a VC2 box in the urinal, and the words came accross the screen “Piss on the VC2”. That’s all I can think of when I see that comercial. I never even noticed the woman in it.

  4. Of course, Microsoft misses the point (no surprise) once again. The problem isn’t with the gadget, it’s with the person on the other end of it (the twit holding it). If you’re that attached to your mobile device(s) and don’t know when to get back to life, then you have a problem.

    The only way Microsoft could actually solve that problem would be to shut everything down and say, “hey folks, we’re shutting everything down for two months. No windows, no hotmail, nothing. Go out there and take in a game, read a book, talk to someone face-to-face, take a trip, i.e. live your life.”

    Now THAT would be a solution.

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