Making Networked HP LaserJet 1012 available to Windows 7 64 bit

As mentioned before, I absolutely *love* my HP LaserJet 1012. So I was disappointed to find that HP does not offer drivers for it under Windows 7 64 bit.

After some searching I found that HP did create 64 bit Vista drivers and with a little cajoling you could use them under Windows 7.

There really wasn’t much information out there for attaching to it over a network but I stumbled across a post in this thread by “dragoster” that I wanted to highlight and repeat here to help anybody else looking for this information to find it more easily.

I initially found directions for installing the LaserJet 1012 drivers if the printer was directly attached to my machine, so I unplugged it from the back room hooked it up locally and then installed the drivers. My hope was, since the drivers were now installed and recognized by the OS, when I then attempted to install the printer as “network attached” that my machine would say “Oh, I have drivers for this already installed, I’ll just use there.”. Ah well.

The situation is that I have the LaserJet 1012 attached by USB to a Windows XP Home (32 bit) machine. The printer is shared so it is accessible to all other computers in my house (XP and Vista 32-bit).

Paraphrasing the steps here:

1) If this link doesn’t work, Google and download the file . Unzip in a straightforward location.

2) Add a new local printer, create a new Local Port, and at the pop-up window insert \\Computer\Printer where Computer is the desktop the printer is attached to, and Printer is the name of the shared printer.

3) In the driver window choose Browse driver. If asked if you want to keep the current driver say no and proceed to pointing to the folder you unzipped on step 2. (this isn’t exactly what you see but you should be able to figure it out when you get there. I’m not uninstalling and reinstalling my printer to get the exact wording here – I’m just thrilled that it works and am leaving it alone) 🙂

4) Find the only .inf file in the folder and choose the printer you have (1010 hb, 1012 hb or 1015 hb).

5) Print Test Page and Voila!

Again thanks to “dragoster” for putting me on to this!

12 thoughts on “Making Networked HP LaserJet 1012 available to Windows 7 64 bit”

  1. It prints blank pages, why?
    I had been hooked up my HP LaserJet 1012 for one year. Now it is printing blurry and it would white out certain parts of the text. So I spent 10 minutes for cleaning my toner. Even its repeating same thing is it will print blank pages.

  2. Hey Bob, sounds like a hardware issue there. If you can’t clean the affected parts you may just be on the market for a new printer unfortunately.

    I will rue the day I need to replace my great 1012.
    It’s *still* going strong printing my tax forms, invitations, directions and about 1/3 of the internet as my wife battles to capture it all. And still on its original toner cartridge. Dang I love this thing!

  3. Hi Marc , thank you very much ! i work a lot to find the way to print with my laptop on the job printer ! it work perfectly now
    Thank you !


  4. Tried this and cannot get it to print. On host computer test page documents are visible in the que but show “error printing”. Any ideas?

  5. I tried this, but the windows on create new port asks if I want to create a local port or TCP/IP port. If I create a TCP/IP port it won’t allow me to enter any network address containing a backslash. Any advice would be appreciated.

  6. @Christian

    Sorry Marc, just got it working. Realized that I needed to select “Local Port” not “TCP/IP” and that the “Port Name” pop-up window was not asking me to assign a name, but rather asking for the address of the printer on the network share.

  7. Worked great! Kudos to you and a finger down to HP for not disclosing this info, not everyone can afford a new printer HP!!!

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