North Georgia Canopy Tours

I’m pretty sure I was put on to this by a link from Mark Denney on Facebook.

The North Georgia Canopy Tour website looks pretty good and I think it will be fun.

We did something similar when we were in Belize this past November (here are some shots of Michelle doing a zipline and rappelling) and the Scenic Caves Nature Adventure North of Toronto in Collingwood (some videos of me on the final zipline here)  I really enjoyed it.

I don’t think the North Georgia offering is available to the general public until April 16. I’d love to hear from anybody when they do it to see what you think.

I’m thinking of waiting a couple of weeks so they can work some of the inevitable kinks out of their system (payments, timing, etc.) .


2 thoughts on “North Georgia Canopy Tours”

  1. Hi Marc,
    Full disclosure: I was part of the public relations team that opened North Georgia Canopy Tours – but I’ll try to avoid any hype. Actually, the tours are up and running – they’re putting some finishing, cosmetic touches on the grounds, but the tours, the Web site bookings and the phone number work now-as of April 1. The 3+ hour tour opens April 16. I loved the zipping here – 9 zips on the Sky Bridge Tour at 2+ hours. It’s not the highest zips as in Costa Rica, but it’s really good and they work well with people who have never zipped before. It will be amazing to see the tree canopy over the course of the seasons. They’re getting booked up already for the summer, so don’t wait!

  2. Thanks for the update Mary. I based my assumption of the opening date on the first dates available in the reservation system. Of course I was looking at the 3 hour tour.

    It does look like it will be fun!

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