FEDEX and my New Computer

So, I’m sitting here at my desk, working from home today since I’m expecting my computer to finally arrive. Every couple of hours I’m checking the status on the FEDEX site (OK, OK, probably more like every half hour).

Then, at about 4:10 I check and see that there’s been a delivery exception. They claim to have tried to deliver the package to my front door (12 feet away from me) about 15 minutes earlier.

Oh no you do-on’t (picture stereotypical black woman wagging her head side to side).

I’m on the phone and I’m *not* happy. The first CSR at FEDEX just puts me on hold and doesn’t come back. After 10 minutes of that I call again (I have multiple phones so I can hedge my bets) and hang up the original call when I get another CSR.

This time I’m getting names, times and documenting everything. I AM PISSED.

She goes away for a while trying to figure out what’s going on and eventually she tells me that the driver has already shut down his scanner and the manager is out for lunch (late lunch that..).

They tell me the driver is one of their most reliable ones and has been with them for a long time so they don’t think it would be a case of him simply skipping my delivery.

But I persist and, to their credit, they are cooperative. Eventually it comes to where they agree that, when the driver comes in, they will ship the package out to me by another courier so it will be with me tonight.

The driver, when he arrived back at the depot actually went back out to do the delivery.

The problem was that someone had made a black mark on the address label on the package that obscured the last digit of my address and he was trying to deliver to the wrong place.

He was a nice guy and I had my computer by about 5:10 so I was not critical of him or the situation. There was a (fairly) reasonable explanation of the problem.

About an hour later I got a fairly terse call from his dispatcher asking if I received the package. I’m pretty sure the story that got back to FEDEX was that I simply didn’t answer the door. The driver did mention that they’d ride him pretty hard if they found out that he’d made an address error.

So kudos to FEDEX for ultimately getting this sorted out. They were willing to do what was necessary to meet their delivery commitment. So my experience ended up being a “Satisfied” rather than “Extremely Pissed” for this transaction.

I was not willing to be too forgiving since I *know* the computer has just been sitting in Atlanta since early Saturday morning and did NOTHING on Monday. By my reckoning I really should have had it 4 days ago. But.. weekends.. what can you do?

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