It’s official: Michelin Tires Suck

I just got in after changing out my freshly blown tire for my spare. Thankfully that was still fully inflated.

The bad tire (A Michelin Energy MXV4, one of their XSE offerings) which I purchased new in October 2008 from Ed Voyles Honda, blew a nice 2 inch gash in the sidewall while I was driving home from work today along Highway 9 near Old Milton. Nothing special on the road, not even potholes around there.

Before you ask, I did check the manufactured date a few weeks ago and saw that it was 2807 (28th week of 2007) so one should think that dry rot is not a factor.

I suppose I should be happy, back in March of 2004 I put 4 new Michelin Harmony tires on my car. That lasted only until that November before one of my front tire sidewalls blew (while I was traveling at highway speeds next to a tractor trailer). So this tire lasted me a good 100% longer than that crappy one did. I managed to put a whole 19,000 miles on my current tires.

No more Michelins for me. I might understand this if I bought the cheapest and crappiest tires I could find, but I buy middle range tires from established outlets. This time I think I’ll just head to Sam’s club and buy whatever’s cheapest and have them slap them on. I don’t think I can do any worse than what I’ve been doing.

10 thoughts on “It’s official: Michelin Tires Suck”

  1. I wholeheartedly agree! Bought a new Honda minivan with Pax run flat tires and had to change the out after only 26000 miles at a whopping cost of $1266 dollars. There is a class action suit on this and I filed in July 2009 for a rebate. Eight months and still no rebate. I will never buy Michelins again. They are a complr ripoff!

  2. Ditto! Got 23,000 miles out of ours. Bald and with cracks throughout the sidewalls. Driven by my soccer mom wife with a 5 mile commute and average speed of 30mph.
    Overpriced garbage! The only reason Acura puts them on is because these ultra soft, delicate tires provide a nice, quite, comfortable ride. Well, no wonder!

  3. Same Here! Damned tires were 2WEEKS OLD!
    The tire developed a leak on the inside side wall just at the edge of the tread so it couldn’t be repaired and there is no road hazard guarantee unless you buy them at Costco. I wasn’t even told that you could buy a road hazard guarantee! So now I’m stuck with a $200 tire swing!
    Michelin and Tire world SUCKS!

  4. Well, my tires did not even have 10,000 miles on them. I bought them last year with my leftover income tax. It was alot of money for these tires and one of them developed a knot in the side of the tire. I was scared to death that it was going to blow with me and my children in the car so I took it to the tire shop where I was told that I would have to get another tire, but they would send it in to Michelon for my money. After a couple months, I asked the tire shop owner about my tire money because I really needed the money and come to find out, MICHELON REFUSED TO PAY FOR IT. So I called the main company and got a man who stated that I never even had a ticket with them and that my tire dealer was a liar. I know very well that my dealer was NOT a liar because these are good christian people. Well, the next day, Michelon called me and told me that I should have bought the road hazard insurance and they would have covered the tire. Why was I never even informed they had a road hazard insurance because I probably would have spent more money on that, but MICHELON tires will NEVER get another dime from this girl or any of my family!

  5. I purchased 6 new Michelin tires for my Dodge dually. With more than one year left on the warranty the sidewalls have gaping cracks on both sides of the tires and in every area of the tires. I only have 15,000 miles on this set of $1,400.00 tires and Michelin only wants to give me a 30% credit. These tires still have 11/32 tread wear which is about the same as new.

    I will and you should NEVER NEVER NEVER purchase another Michelin Tire. The dealer I bought them from told me that they won’t even call Michelin about a warranty issue because Michelin sucks so bad on warranty issues. What a nightmare this has become.

    I will replace them with a Cooper or other tire that does not have sidewall issues. Michelin is going to get a lot of people killed when the sidewalls start blowing out.

    I can’t believe how loyal I have been to overpriced Michelin over the years. I think the more a company spends on advertising the worst they are at taking care of the customer and warranty issues. They just advertise some more and get more suckers to buy.

    Michelin Man Screwed me!
    6/2013 Took it to Chris and his co worker called Michelin and they said that they would only cover 30% ! These tires are still one year in warranty and only have 15,000 miles on them and all they will cover is 30%. I will NEVER own another pair of michelin tires.

  6. My front MXV4 did the same Friday night ! Babied and only used two low milage summers ! Boom sidewall, over and out :(! Now more Michelin tires for me ! Can’t even buy a new one to replace it ! Blew at 55 mph on a prefect no debris highway :(!!!!!!!! Crap

  7. Michelin used to be all I would run on my company vehicles. Two out of round sets in a row. Hours in a tire store waiting room. After 8 mos of bs Michelin offered me a third what I paid for tires that were bad when new. If I’m going to have junk tires I’ll buy the cheapest ones they have. Then I’ll expect poor quality. We’ve switched to hankook, half the price and NO issues. Michelin wasted my time and sold me junk for premium price. I’ll never buy another set again and if I’m buying a new vehicle and two identical trucks are on a lot. If one has Michelin’s and one doesn’t I’ll buy the one with any other brand.

  8. It’s been well known fact now for a very long time that Michelin only sells junk tires. Their tires never were that great they were overpriced and never lasted as long as they were rated too. Now these tires are known for dry rot and nothing more. Avoid!

  9. I replaced the original Michelin tires on my 2004 forerunner with a set of the exact tires. Big Mistake. They started dry rotting and the sidewalls cracking within the first 2 years. Should have done something about it right away, but thought things could not get worse. 2nd Big Mistake. One of the tires blew out from the sidewall. My mechanic said the other 3 will soon follow. These tires have 35 thousand miles on them. The original had 82 thousand and were still going. Michelin gave me a case number to follow up on after my complaint, but so far I’m getting the runaround. The guy at Mavis Tire said “Not for nothin, but Michelin Tires are crap. I Don’t recommend them to my customers.” Wish I ran into this guy 8 years ago

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