“Hint of Lime” scoops

Who else is waiting for this perfection of a Tortilla Chip concept to come to fruition?

We have “Hint of Lime” chips,

We have “Scoops”

What’s the hold up?

While I’m making the case for cool tortilla chips, why can’t we get “Salsa and Sour Cream” flavored chips like they have (had?) in Canada a couple of years ago. A friend brought these to a party once and I’ve been looking for them here in the beautiful South ever since.

Call your congressperson! Doing something about Mexican Appetizers is likely the most useful thing they’re ever likely to accomplish.

4 thoughts on ““Hint of Lime” scoops”

  1. Funny!

    I went ahead and joined the group and have tried to submit the suggestion to them. I keep getting an error. I presume their websites are all messed up on weekends due to maintenance.

    What I *will* submit is the following:

    Subject: Hint of Lime / Scoops

    I really like your “Hint of Lime” tortilla chip flavor I also appreciate the “Scoops” chip format and have been rather expecting to see the two combined for a couple of years now.

    I thought I’d take a moment today to send this quick note to let you know that there is at least the niche market of folks within my social circles (and I presume overall demographic?) who would appreciate such an offering.

    I don’t know how passionate folks get about their tortilla chips (I suspect not overwhelmingly) and neither is this a do-or-die issue for me. But it *is* a product that I know would be my primary Salsa complement.

    Thank you for your time in reviewing this suggestion,


  2. And, the response, ah well…

    Here’s our response to your e-mail – RE: Tostitos, Reference #010826087A

    Hi Marc,

    Thank you so much for offering to share your idea with us.

    We are flattered of your interest in wanting to assist Frito-Lay. However, we do not accept unsolicited ideas or suggestions from outside our company. The purpose is to preserve good relations with the public and to avoid any misunderstandings as to the origin of an idea. We have in-house teams and agencies responsible for providing innovation for our businesses.

    We hope you understand our position and that you will continue to enjoy snacks from Frito-Lay. Thanks again for thinking of us.

    Best regards,

    Frito-Lay Consumer Affairs

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