Looking forward to having alternatives to DSL and Cable

You may already know that I am not a fan of Comcast. AT&T is kind of OK but their high prices, relatively slow speeds and lopsided upload download speeds bug me a lot. Recently I’ve begun having issues where the DSL line kind of goes on vacation but kind of doesn’t. Seemingly at random, the DSL light on my 2wire 2701HG-B Gateway turns read and flashes, (Internet light turns off) and then things synch up again. This is usually only enough to cause my surfing to pause, my VPN can most time weather this abuse. When it can’t it’s a nuisance to deal with, especially when conversing real time with someone on IM and then getting pitched off my company network.

I’m really chomping at the bit for either an over the air network or … anybody else to enter the market and give me a choice. I was running through options a couple of weeks ago and found that there is NO choice available in my area.

I’m pretty sure all of these numbers below should be zero for a healthy network. Maybe it’s my modem, maybe it’s AT&T’s network. All I know is that I will have a couple of hours of troubleshooting and chatting with customer service folks ahead of me when it finally ticks me off enough to commit to the mission of getting this addressed (again).

Nearly 30,000 ATM Cell Header errors and 69 ISP Connection establishments in less than a week seems like a bad thing.

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