New Hardwood Floors – Day 3

They got a lot more accomplished on day 3 than I expected. When Danyel and I spoke in the morning we discussed only the hallways, master bedroom and the TV room. As it was, the hallways, master bedroom, back room, guest room, gym and about 1/3 of Michelle’s office was floored by the time they left.

The LayersI’m certainly no expert but, from my perspective, it looks like the work is being done with due professionalism and care. Each step from the pulling of the carpet to the prep through to the laying of the wood has flowed with no obvious problems or issues.

The adhesive being used is not nearly so bad as I had expected. I’m working from home through this whole process and there is plastic separating the “under construction” part of the house from the rest. But the adhesive smell is reminiscent of being back in grade school at those little desks working with LePages glue-all (that white glue that is ubiquitous in classrooms throughout North America).

I do keep my windows open, and have been leaving the back door open so the cats can “escape” from the noise and activity as needed. Maverick just melts into the background and appears only now and then for no reason that I can think of. Phoebe is constantly on patrol. Whenever there is a loud noise she trots *toward* it in a guarded fashion. She always wants to be part of the action.

So here is what things look like now:

Michelle's Office - 1/3 doneGym - Only shoe molding remainsFront Hall  - Only shoe molding remainsBack Hall - Only shoe molding remainsGuest Bedroom - Only shoe molding remainsMaster Bedroom - Only shoe molding remainsBack Room - Only shoe molding remainsBack Room Closet - Only shoe molding remains

2 thoughts on “New Hardwood Floors – Day 3”

  1. Yes, the irony of that is definitely not lost on me! 🙂

    Part of the reason to remove the carpet was for allergies, but bare ANY floor just isn’t that inviting…

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