Why Don’t News Media Web Sites indicate where they are located?

You’d like to think that the media would be.. well… media savvy. So why is it, that when I follow a link to an article on many news sites (like here for instance) it’s so obtuse where the metropolitan (or village or whatever) area served by the site is located?

Some sites are right up front about who they are and where they are (here and here for example), some you need to hop to their home page to find this info, and still others you have to check out their weather center or some of their headlines to try to divine their locales.

Just thought I’d point out that… it’s not you.. it’s them.

4 thoughts on “Why Don’t News Media Web Sites indicate where they are located?”

  1. Marc…just an observation here, but if you look at the website title (above the URL for most IE users, if the window is full screen) you will see that this website is “Baltimore News, Weather” , etc”….

    Yes, you are correct…no immediate representation on the front page, but it is listed…although a little difficult to see unless you are looking…


  2. Hey Kirk,

    Yes, I have to concede that point for that website. I find the title bar so seldom has any useful information that I don’t often look there. So mea culpa on that one 🙂

    But I still stand by what I say. Very often I follow a number of links from aggregator sites such as FARK.COM and find myself struggling to figure out where in the world this news story is situated. There seems to be an implied assumption that you deliberately came to the website and started looking at/for stories rather than just jumped into the middle of things…

  3. I need to know your email address, (the one you subscribed to this blog with) – shoot me a private message at my email (in the “about Me (Marc)” section) and I’ll remove you.

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