New Nikon D60 has arrived

New Nikon D60 Camera, Lenses and Flash UnitI’m pretty psyched. I’d done a fair bit of research and I think this Nikon D60 (Wikipedia link) will let me do the kind of photography that I want to do. It’s been a long time since I’ve worked with a camera that allows you to play with pretty much any aspect of the picture taking process.

This camera’s got a lens-based vibration reduction system that claims that you can gain 3 stops of aperture reduction if desired. I also picked up a great little flash unit (Nikon SB-400) that will let me do some work with bounced flashes to further minimize redeye and other head-on flash issues.

I also opted for the 55 – 200 mm lens in addition to the included 18 – 55 mm one.

I found Ken Rockwell’s site to be pretty useful for my research. So much so that I used one of his links in my purchase. Hopefully it worked, I really couldn’t tell from the URL whether or not he would be credited with the purchase. But his site offers pragmatic first hand advice on various kinds of cameras. Of course, he’d say I didn’t really listen to his advice as he was pushing to stick with the D40 and spend the difference in cost on lenses or other equipment, but when I purchase equipment, I like to get the best that I can afford with the hope that it will remain current and relevant for as long as possible.

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  1. I also bought a Nikon D60 (yesterday) and aquired both 18-55 VR and 55-200 VR along with a 2Gb SD-card. Unfortunately I didn’t have enough money to buy the 18-200 VR lens but I guess I will manage anyway.

    The flash you bought, Nikon SB-400, will be sent to me from Nikon for free (special offer when buying a Nikon D60 in Sweden).

    Good luck with your new great camera.
    Best Regards

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