Renovations – Overall update

I had originally intended to post a sequence of pictures that depicted each “piece” of our renovations once they had been completed. But so many parts are being done simultaneously, I thought it would be more productive to switch tacks and just show daily progress instead.

This is the design we saw in “Floor & Décor” which originally inspired our final plan. 2175

So we decided on a tile that we liked – here is the display board


Here is the water closet – showing the “before” picture of shower doors and tiles


and the commode


Then we have the master vanity showing the old counter, mirror, medicine cabinets, window and lighting



And now the work begins. All the sheetrock, including the ceiling, was removed from the water closet. We had to remove the ceiling of the vanity area as well. The flourescent fixture was not too kind on it and it had failed and cracked due to the heat.





Here’s where the commode used to be


The old bathtub was porcelain over cast iron. I was amazed that the best way to remove this was to shatter it with a mallet. A friend I know had removed his own and went to the pain of removing and carrying it out of his house intact. Unless you need it for some other purpose that’s a whole lot of work. He said he’d just shatter it if he had to do it again.

Here is the tile design for inside the bathtub area as it is laid out on our bedroom floor


Left is top and right is bottom. From the bottom to the rope on top of the first pair of green tile “stripes” is supposed to go around the entire water closet. The rest is supposed to be inside the bath area only.

To keep the cats safe we’ve limited them to the gym / Mich’s office area. Suffice it to say that they were not happy with the restriction on their freedom


Here is the new water closet ceiling with the new fan, light and heat lamp fixtures installed. What you can’t see here is that we’ve installed a water tight fixture for over the shower area as well.


And here is the bath area with the tub removed


I’ll post another batch of pictures tomorrow

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