Picture Gallery reorganized

I’ve gone ahead and reorganized the picture gallery so that the initial page is not so confusing. I *think* what you will see is that, whenever I add a new sub-album to any of the albums on the main page, you will see a little “updated” label on the main album for 7 days.

I now have main albums for “Parties and Events”, “Vacations”, etc. Within the albums, newest items are supposed to show at the top – so new sub albums will show up right where you can see them and they’ll have a little “New” label on them for 7 days. Albums and Sub-albums to which I just add new pictures (miscellaneous is like this) will have the new pictures at the top and will show an “Updated” label.

For those of you who are following the semi-explosive growth of Carl’s new family, the album is available to folks who are registered and logged into this site.

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