Night Flying

Just spent a couple of hours last night regaining my night currency as well as trying to hone my “soft field landing” skills. I *really* enjoy flying at night. The air is calmer, there is almost no traffic and I, personally, find it easier to find the airports I’m looking for since their beacons are easily discernable and the haze layer is not as much of a factor at night.
I flew out of Gwinnett (KLZU) and did several full stop landings to meet and exceed the night currency requirements. I alternated between normal landings and soft field. Then I headed over to Winder (KWDR) to practice my night flying skills. I had my GPS with me and turned on, but I ignored it to brush up my night map-to-terrain skills. I did a few touch-and-gos there with a soft-field thrown in for good measure and then headed up to Gainsville (KGVL). There was a modest crosswind there, between 8-9 knots with no real gusting that allowed me to practice a crosswind landing while doing a touch-and-go.
Flying at about 3500 feet late at night (it was about 10 pm by then), it was dark and quiet. Perfect.

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