Regaining Flight Currency

The weather finally was agreeable this weekend and I had a gorgeous day for flying. Astron’s warrior was in for its 100 hour inspection so instead I ended up taking out one of the C-172’s.

I had a perfect crosswind today, sometimes blowing at 50 degrees off the runway centerline at up to 10 Knots. This gave me ideal conditions for practicing my crosswind landings which I’ve been doing a lot of reading up on lately.

Then off to Winder airport to do some simple and short field landings and finally off to Blairsville for a beautiful trek over some of the North Georgia mountains to do a quick touch-and-go before heading back home again to Gwinnett airport.

The sun was out, the temperatures were mild (about 16 degrees centigrade on the ground) and the spring foliage was lush.

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