All-glass Undersea Restaurant

Just found this article about an all-glass undersea restaurant on, this looks like it would be a great once-in-a-lifetime thing to try out. I can’t imagine what a meal must run but, if you’re vacationing in the Maldives, I suspect cost is not your primary concern.

This prompted me to recall our silver-service dinner at the base of Ayer’s rock (Uluru) in Australia when we visited back in 1999. A formal meal served on formal dishware in the open desert. Trés cool. It was followed by a local describing Aboriginal legends surrounding the moon and followed up by an astronomer highlighting some features of the Southern Hemisphere night sky. His two telescopes (and the lack of ambient light pollution) allowed us an amazingly clear view of a couple of galaxies and other objects that he pointed out.

I also thought the restaurant technology looked familiar so pulled up a couple of pictures of one of the walkways that went through the Sydney Aquarium (in Australia).

Sydney Aquarium Tunnel

Sydney Aquarium Tunnel

2 thoughts on “All-glass Undersea Restaurant”

  1. How does the view in this restaurant compair to the view from the walkway under Niagra Falls? I have never taken that walk, but I assume there aren’t many fish to see.

  2. Are you talking about the “Journey Behind The Falls” attraction at Niagara Falls? If so then they’re completely different beasts.

    The Niagara attraction features a platform that’s pretty near to the falls and lets you get good and wet as well as hearing the thunder of the water. Then, in the actual tunnel itself you actually stand a couple of meters behind the falls and watch the water rushing past.

    I was quite disappointed that no barrels came plummeting past while I was there ;). Any fish taking the trip would certainly be in for a wild ride!

    Now the walkway at the Sydney Aquarium was a lot more sedate and you could watch the fish swimming from their level and below. Much more serene. Given the choice I think that’s the venue I’d prefer for eating my dinner…

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