Sears Home Services

*Update February 13, 2020*
A representative reached out to me by phone and asked me to send some confirming documentation and she’d get that to the billing folks.
Three days later, she again reached out to me by phone and left a voicemail confirming that the matter had been resolved.
Hearing back from somebody in this day and age AT ALL is unbelievable and I have to give Sears Home Services props for that. I’m adding a “The Good” category to this post for their efforts in resolving this issue with me.
*End Update February 13, 2020*

I was initially pleased as they showed up on time and, even though they couldn’t find a definite source of the issue with my relatively new clothes dryer, they took it apart and put it back together again and, since then the issue I contacted them about has not recurred (was happening daily).

We paid them by credit card when they were here.

A month later I get a bill from them saying they were not able to process our payment (they were, according to my credit card company) and that I needed to remit payment.
My beef with them is that there is no earthly way to reach them for a billing dispute.
They want me to sit down and write them a letter (this is the 21st century isn’t it?) and then maybe they’ll consider if that has merit and let me know.

I need to decide if it’s easier to just dispute the original transaction and then pay them again or to sink into the 18th century and pull out a quill, blotter and wax seal and send them a missive via messenger.

So points for solving my problem. Major demerits for sending me an errant bill and then providing no means by which to follow up with them.

Edit: Finally did manage to reach them via chat (Chat on main page of their website does not work, but after searching for my order, the chat on THAT panel did work). They assured me that I can just ignore the bill.

Here is a chat that I had. If they are true to their word then it does reinstate the faith I had in Sears Home Services. Mind you I could probably do with out the upsell at the end there…

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