Credit Karma phony alert?

I like Credit Karma as they provide a simple and inexpensive means by which to keep on top of your credit report and *kinda* your credit score as well (not FICO but near enough to be worthwhile).

By inexpensive I mean they do not cost you money but you *are* targeted for their recommendations – a fair enough trade in my book.

This week I just received an alert from them telling me there was a new status on one of my accounts:

“We noticed a change to the remarks listed on your Equifax credit report regarding your <BANK CAR LOAN Specifics Removed> account.”

When I go there I am taken to the derogatory remarks section and, as always, there are no notifications there.

Does anybody know if Credit Karma is trying a new (crappy) marketing scheme to drive more traffic to their site?

One thought on “Credit Karma phony alert?”

  1. They keep doing the same thing to me. I end up looking at my credit reports, etc. However, I think it was credit karma might have been nerd wallet, someone sent me one of these and it was actually Mazda credit had somehow suddenly dropped my autopayment and I was about to be late. So it was a good ending. But otherwise I have had a couple too many from CK. Who I love and continue to use regardless.

    BTW it’s july now and I don’t think I’ve seen one for a month or more

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