The Temporal Void

The Temporal VoidThe Temporal Void by Peter F. Hamilton continues his tradition of fine multi-book series. My only regret is that I read this one now rather than waiting so that I could begin the last book in this particular trilogy immediately.
Picking up right where “The Dreaming Void” left off, this book maintained the established pace and kept going. Human civilization is hundreds of years older than in Mr. Hamilton’s earlier offerings but many of the established characters are still participating due to the technological advances already established for lengthening human life AND due to the ability folks have of essentially uploading themselves into a vast network and living a non-physical (or “post physical”) existence.
As always, the characters are front and center and the absurdities and realities of human existence no matter what the level of civilization are always interestingly portrayed in this universe.
An enjoyable read and I am on tenterhooks waiting for the next installment.

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