Need to work with, not against human nature

The below article brought an interesting response from one of my friends:

I’m all for it but it reminds me of the reverse logic gun advocates use when they suggest that giving everyone guns will make sure that no one gets shot.

To which I responded:

Nah, the gun advocates logic is a) theoretical and b) not that nobody will get shot, just that criminals are cowards and will be less likely to do their bad things if *everybody* is armed. Doesn’t really speak to crimes of passion and just plain idiot folk.

The below story seems to be verging on anecdotal (not sure if “road rage” has a clear definition for consistent reporting) but I thought it interesting since it goes with my philosophy of not fighting human nature but rather trying to come up with systems and rules that work with how folks function naturally….

Just like that building (I forget where now) that didn’t bother putting sidewalks and paths around for about a year and then just paved and landscaped around where all the wear marks were. The didn’t waste all their efforts trying to put up fences and signs trying to make people conform to some foreign idea of how people “should” use the space.

What do you think?

(Detroit News) Interesting “When the speed limit was raised from 55 mph to 70 mph, incidents of aggressive driving dropped to zero.” (

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