Task Scheduler in Windows Vista Home Premium SP1

In a word, blows.

I have a backup job that uses the built-in task scheduler. Before SP1 the task scheduler would work just once and that’s it, I forget the actual failure message but I just had to stop using it. When SP1 came out I heard that many things were improved and I tried it again, it worked like a champ – or so I thought – when my machine is rebooted (maybe even when I just logoff – but I never bother doing that) subsequent runs would fail with “logon failure: unknown user name or bad password. (0x8007052E)” showing as the Last Logon result.

My Backup software is SyncBackSE, in the KB they offer up some free alternatives (I don’t really want to have to pay for something that should be part of the OS – and not be defective). I’m going to try “System Scheduler” from “splinterware software solutions”.

2 thoughts on “Task Scheduler in Windows Vista Home Premium SP1”

  1. Thanks for the link Kyle. I had not heard of that MS offering before.

    It looks like a cool product for keeping directories in sync and importing pictures from CF / SD cards.

    Unfortunately, my need is more around the scheduling issue. I like to have my backups go automagically when I am not using the computer and since it’s Vista’s Scheduler that is still losing my password all the time I think I’m stuck looking for an alternate scheduler still…

    As an aside, I’ve been using the “System Scheduler” that I mention in my original post and it’s been running flawlessly for the past 3 days. We’ll see how it does over a reboot (when Vista tosses my credentials…).

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