Sorry about the website this past weekend

Lunarpages elected to relocate my site to a new server which promptly messed it up.

I had two tickets open with them neither of which got very quick action.

I originally chose Lunarpages because they are rated VERY highly by sites that rate such things but so far I’ve received no help at all. My response to the original notification indicating that my website was messed up appears to have been logged but no action was taken (my email to them was sent about 15 minutes after they notified me).

I called on Friday and was told that they’d look at it and get back to me in a couple of hours (thanks for efficiently getting me off of the phone James).

I reworked this post a bit because I wanted to place it on my blog while I was still having problems (thought I might be able to find a way to do this) but no go.

But, they eventually switched me back to my original server sometime this morning and apologized for the inconvenience.

So the site was down for 80+ hours. 🙁

This is the first real issue I’ve had with them so I’ll assume this is a fluke this time..

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