Big Wave Surfing

When I first saw this I thought it was some kind of CGI. The relative proportions are beyond absurd. But I did some checking and, not only is this real, but this is actually a fairly “normal” (!) example of the waves that these folks take on.

The human animal does not evolve very quickly. Evolution in the normal sense simply doesn’t work that way, generations are required to effect change. Also, we’ve arrested our development in many arenas due to our social and moral interventions. Yet, mentally, we seem to keep moving forward at a staggering pace that draws us physically along with it.

Some of the extreme sports, however, put the lie to the term “physical limits”. When I was younger and saw some of the more spectacular skateboarders I figured that we’d pretty much already pushed the envelope to the very edge of human physical capability. But every year I see that we are accomplishing feats of skill and stamina that, were they not being done right now, right in front of me, I would have said were not possible.

You cannot overestimate what human drive and ingenuity can accomplish. Try to set a limit on what can be done and you will be shown to be a short-sighted nay sayer. Our species simply will not be constrained.

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