Renovation update 05/16/2007

Today saw much of the framing for the new bedroom window completed with proper support being put in place (see the patch work going down either side of the wall).

Hopefully we’ll get the actual window installed tomorrow (Thursday).


The counter folks called and will be picking up the bathroom sinks tomorrow to mount as part of the counter construction.

Here is our new “air assist” Gerber Toilet (as recommended by Consumers Reports). It’s a Gerber EF-21-312 (elongated) with a Toto SS114 (softclose) seat. That’s the top part of the seat in mid-close.


The master bathroom window has been trimmed and painted. We’re pretty much playing a waiting game on this front until the counter arrives. You can see one of the medicine cabinets to the left of the window with the outlets installed in it. We want to get most of those rechargable items off of the counter and out of the way.


The bathroom fixtures were also installed. Pretty much all that’s left to do is install the shower door. I need to verify that the caulking has been sealed but I’m pretty sure all is well in there.


Phoebe is remaining relatively unaffected by all of this activity. She’s pretty laid back anyway.


Mav has taken to hiding in the morning so that he won’t be forced to stay in a big, airy room with plenty of food, water and a litter box. Preferring instead to cower under a bed or piece of furniture in some room right next to where the construction is going on.

He’s fine in the evenings but I can’t figure out what drives him to disappear each morning. It’s a little funny when he does this on days when Tommy and Larry aren’t coming over…

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