Renovation update 05/09/2007

The wall tiling has finally been completed! It looks just wonderful. Next will be the floor tiling and then grouting the works.

Here is the shower head wall


And here is what the bathtub and back wall (behind the commode) look like,


Tommy was able to finish the far wall in very short order (to your immediate right as you look into the water closet from the door).


Also, good news, the awning-style windows for the master bedroom and the casement window for the bathroom arrived. We bought our windows from Andersen Windows – Doors. For the expansive bedroom window we also opted for their “TruScene” insect screens. Since our bathroom only looks out on some juniper in the side yard I just went with a normal screen on that window.

Here is an exterior before shot of:

Master Bedroom window


Master bathroom window (ignore the fan, it’s there to help keep air circulating as paint and adhesive in the house dry/cure)


Here Tommy is inspecting the new 12′ master bedroom window


And a quick shot of Larry immediately after helping to carry the window up from the truck.


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