3 thoughts on “TV Volume Regulator”

  1. What would really be nice is some AI built in that determines the TV station, company advertising, and sends an email of complaint each occurance to them and the CRTC (I”ve drawn a blank on the name for the US counterpart to the CRTC). But then this company would soon be out of sales.

    The other similar thing would be something for the car radio that filters out sirens.

  2. Heh, I hadn’t even thought about such a filter for the radio! I’d go so far as to include screeching brakes and horns in that filter too. There is a company down here that actually has a couple of horn toots as part of its logo. Definitely grabs your attention when you’re on the road..

    The US equivalent to the CRTC is the FCC. It’ll probably be part of homeland security by the time you read this 🙂 everything else is.

  3. FCC — them’s the guys.

    Following 911, our liberal government claimed to spend billions (likely 10’s of billions but I have not looked it up, or remember the numbers) on airport security.
    Today, the liberal dominated senant gave a scathing report including (quote from the Globe and Mail) “Transport Canada be relieved of its duties, and the onus of airport security be handed to the Department of Public Safety and Emergency Preparedness Canada.”

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