daltile – not so good retail experience

daltile is a company that makes tiles. As you may know we’re preparing to renovate our master bathroom and want to do a fair amount of tile work both in the water closet proper and in the vanity area – we’re replacing the carpeting (!) in front of the sinks and vanity with tile.

daltile does not sell directly to the public but they do have a nice showroom fairly near to where we work in Roswell. I’ve been there twice and both times dealt with Lynn Blanchet. This is a person who *really* should not be in retail. Pretty tightly wound if you know the type. The first time I dealt with her I just figured that she was having a bad day but we were able to get some information and samples from her so I didn’t think any more about it.

Yesterday we went by to get a bit more information and see about finishing our plans. We’d already met with our contractor and knew pretty much what we wanted but we needed some assistance in putting all the pieces together and getting final quantities determined so we could tell the contractor what to order.

So we showed up for our 2 pm appointment and all I can say is, woah! I have not had somebody behave so condescendingly towards us since I got out of grade school. Right away Lynn’s attitude was one of “Why are you even here?”. After a few questions and abrupt and not very helpful responses, we elected to just cut the appointment short and take our business elsewhere.

We did like the tiles we found but we’ll see if we can’t find something similar elsewhere. It’s going to be more effort in a project that’s already taking longer than I would like. But I try to make it a point to reward excellence and I think there are a lot of folks out there who would be happy to deal with us and sell their products.

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  1. Hi there,
    Today my husband and I went to our local Daltile in Torrance. We are doing a new construction and were looking for tile for 2 bathrooms (kitchen to follow) – we walked in and were completely ignored. Finally (after overhearing a conversation the young dark haired woman had with a customer on the phone – very condescending) she finally asked us if we needed help. She was extremely rude, seemed put out and actually helped another customer (walked away) in the middle of our conversation. We walked out – we would never recommend Daltile to anyone – customer service skills are non existant. Needless to say we are taking our $$$ elsewhere.

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