Landscaping our property – Ongoing 1

Here are some shots after the work began.


Here is the front of the house with the trailer and bobcat parked in the garden.




And the entryway with all the bushes and plants taken out leaving behind the big stones that Mich likes so much and some new plantings. Mich tells me that there is more to come. It looks really empty right now. But then it *was* pretty overcrowded before.


Here the front plants have been pruned WAY back and some cleanup has been done on that garden area.




Not much has happened here by the shed except that a hole has been prepared and a new red bud is waiting to be planted.




Finally a picture of the back of the house. The Azaleas have been removed and the bed has been prepped. Some of the plants waiting to be installed are in the foreground sitting beside our not-so-new chiminea at front right.



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