Site Problems

Sorry for the lack of posts lately as well as the state the site is in currently.

My hosting provider, POWWEB, has been migrating everybody to new servers. Of course, my site has to be a problem child. I worked with them for a while to try to resolve the problems but, as often happens, nobody could make heads or tails of them so I’m on my own.

Fed up with not being able to post for nearly the past two weeks (my posts ran the risk of being lost if they were not migrated to the new server), I finally called them yesterday and told them to flip the DNS and I’d just have to take whatever happens and deal with it.

I’ll probably have to upgrade all 3 major components of my web site – my WordPress (this blogging software), Gallery2 (the stuff that hosts and displays my pictures) and the plug-in module that allows me to combine the two. It appears that it’s really the plug-in software that is at issue. For some reason it simply refuses to save any settings and then cannot validate itself.

I have to do some work today (yeah, I know, life of an infrastructure person) and I’ve booked a night flight to retain my currency, so I may not be able to resolve these issues until tomorrow or perhaps even into next week as there is always a LOT of reading and prep that needs to be done to upgrade this kind of software.

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