Continuous Partial Attention Wiki

I’m not 100% certain whether or not Linda Stone coined the term “Continuous Partial Attention” but she has certainly been shedding light on the cause and probable effects of this growing trend. The Continuous Partial Attention Wiki is an interesting resource if you want to learn more about what is sure to impact any of us who have to work in the brave new always connected world…

Micro-sized cars

I’ve only seen these in Canada, although I’m sure they must be sold in the Unites States as well. I can only imagine that they would end up being used as chocks for those ridiculous extravagances that we call SUVs if they ever showed up here in the South.
They seem awfully small, apparently seating two adults and not much else.

Best worst song you’ll see in a long time

Update (May 28, 2011) – The video is gone from College Humor, but it *is* on YouTube. So I’ve embedded it here.

The song is “What’s it Gonna Be” and it’s still a good laugh but definitely NSFW and probably would be considered vulgar by those with sensitive dispositions. To those folks I say, skip this and / or get help.

Update (August 6, 2006): this video is by Mike O’Connell.

This posting on is like a car accident. You know you don’t want to look but you can’t resist at the same time. Not safe for work but worth a look.