Best worst song you’ll see in a long time

Update (May 28, 2011) – The video is gone from College Humor, but it *is* on YouTube. So I’ve embedded it here.

The song is “What’s it Gonna Be” and it’s still a good laugh but definitely NSFW and probably would be considered vulgar by those with sensitive dispositions. To those folks I say, skip this and / or get help.

Update (August 6, 2006): this video is by Mike O’Connell.

This posting on is like a car accident. You know you don’t want to look but you can’t resist at the same time. Not safe for work but worth a look.

2 thoughts on “Best worst song you’ll see in a long time”

  1. Man, “The Office” is terrible. If I want to spend a half hour feeling awkward and uncomfortable, all I need to do is go to a social mixer. While I think Steve Carell is very talented, he (and Ben Stiller too to mention another gifted in this arena) they have the unique ability to convey social (and personal) awkwardness with such effectiveness that an audience simply can’t help but empathize.

    Some interpret that to be comedy (fans of “Mr. Bean” must surely fall into this category) but, for me, it comes across as discomfiting.

    I like my protagonists to have, overall, a positive make up. They can be flawed heros (as in the new “Battlestar Galactica” series and the older “Babylon 5” series) but they need to be heros nonetheless.

    Maybe “Socially Awkward” is to the early twenty first century what “Slapstick” was for vast portions of the twentieth?

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