Recent interruption in posts

Sorry for the delay in posts, my web host, Powweb, is working on a problem with migrating my website to a new server.

You may have noticed my site was hopelessly bollucksed up a couple of weeks ago when they went ahead and pointed the new server prematurely.

Anyway, I’ve been waiting for some resolution to a problem I’m having with the Gallery2 WordPress plugin (the one responsible for displaying my pictures in the sidebar and within my posts). I simply cannot save any of my plugin settings in the new environment.

I stopped posting to avoid interfering with any progress that the Powweb folks may be making but I’m not feeling overly confident that this issue is going to be addressed before the August 31 deadline. At which point my old server simply will go away.

So I’ll be posting again and just kicking off the “migrate” files option nightly to ensure that my site is as synched as possible across the old and new servers.

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