Local Area Connection icon no longer showing in the system tray

This is a little thing, but recently my Local Area Connection icon (that little icon showing two overlapping computers that each flash depending on whether you’re uploading or downloading information), has stopped showing up in my systray.

Checking the properties for “Local Area Connection” I can see that “Show icon in notification area when connected” is still selected. But I did de-select it, click OK and then come back and re-select that option to ensure that it wasn’t simply a matter of “resetting” it.

Rebooting the machine hasn’t helped either.

With all the talk about “root kit exploits” I’m a little paranoid and I like to be able to see if my computer is talking to the outside world when it’s not running anything that is *supposed* to be doing so.

Window’s XP firewall is enabled, Symantec anti-virus is installed and up-to-date and Windows defender is installed and up-to-date. But, of course, none of these can yet detect root kit exploits so I view the symptom of the disappearing network icon with some concern.

Still looking for a solution…

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  1. I’d love to help with this problem Marc but you know how I hate to get overly technical on a beautiful Saturday morning.

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