Are Traveler’s checks dead?

I haven’t used traveler’s checks since I was in high school (back in the early ’80s for those of you counting..). I was curious whether anybody else out there still uses them.

The protection afforded by, and ubiquity of acceptance of credit cards means that there is very little need to carry cash anymore. Just enough to cover a couple of meals should you eat at hole-in-the-wall places that don’t do the credit thing?

Also, it seems that you can get a pretty good rate with your VISA card or even directly from the bank ATM’s that doing any sort of currency exchange outside of your destination country is not worth doing except to have a little money for tips for when you initially arrive.

Of course, I’m assuming that the credit cards are not maxed out. Otherwise, you’re taking such a shellacking from the interest charges that it really doesn’t matter what you do…

What do other people do?

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