New Bar-B-Que

When we moved into this house, there was already installed on the backyard patio a Broilmaster “Warm Morning” Bar-B-Que. It was pretty big and was fairly old as far as Bar-B-Ques go. When it came time to replace the burners in it (big old cast iron jobs) I found that I was not going to be able to easily find a replacement burner for the right hand side of the Bar-B-Que.
Also, the valves had become sluggish and I think the regulator was gummed up. I would turn on a burner and then have to wait up to a couple of minutes for the gas to actually flow. Not exactly a safety feature. I’d listen for the gas to flow and then light the burner once that happened using an extended lighter.

Not being an expert in such things, and finding that there apparently aren’t very many such experts out there at any of the places I phoned or visited, I elected to replace the bar-b-que with a brand new Broilmaster P3BL-1 unit. We even sprung for the optional front and right side shelves.

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It’s a real pleasure firing up the grill, I now have an electric starter, it starts right away and I have nice solid places to put my utensils, plates and drinks while cooking.

I bought my bar-b-que through Metro House of Fire and worked with Kathy Heeth. She was great in dealing with my many questions and scenarios.

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